Quick Link to the Art Baer 2023 Workshop Grant Application

Workshops are an integral Part of the ART BAER. It would be simply splendid if YOU should choose to also lead a workshop – no matter if it’s playful, creative, informative or, really, anything else!

Very Important: All workshops are free for each participant. If you want to participate, simply show up at the designated time & location, though some workshops may have a limited number of participants. Should you decide to hold a workshop that requires materials (e. g. for crafting), you can apply for a workshop grant to be reimbursed (see below).

Workshop Registration
If you would like to bring a workshop, please send an e-mail to: workshops2023@artbaer.de, so we can organize time, location (and possibly transport and infrastructure) up front.

Required Information:

  • Description of your workshops. What do you intend to do?
  • Duration of your workshops. How long will it last? Will you need additional time for setup & cleanup?
  • How many people may participate (max. number)?
  • Do you have any special reuirements (e. g. access to electricity, light, tables, a quiet space, a space with room for movement…)
  • In case you need funding: please send us a budget plan upfront that lists all materials and respective costs.

Workshop Funding:
We have a budget for funding workshops. Please contact the workshop coordinator upfront. However, we cannot gurantee to cover all of your costs. In case you need to buy materials for your workshop, please let us know beforehand. Important! Always keep ALL receipts (there will be no reimbursements without receipt or bill!), after the event, we will reimburse as many costs as possible. Please use your budget responsibly.

Please note: You will only be reimbursed after the event (it can always be worth it to ask other participants if they can help out with materials and eqiuipment).

In order to apply for workshop funding, please use the Art Baer 2023 Workshop Grant Application. In case you got further questions, please get in touch at: workshops2023@artbaer.de

The deadline for the first round of funding is May 14th 2023. In case the budget is not exhausted by then, we will open up a second, final round of funding.

Workshop Applications for the program

Auerstedt offers a large area with its trees, outdoor spaces and the unique Auerworld palace for us to have a beautiful time, meet new and old friends and frolick around. And we are looking forward for your contributions to make this time even more memorable.
So if you have an idea for a workshop please send us your ideas to workshops2023@artbaer.de or use directly the Art Baer 2023 Workshop entry (https://www.vereinonline.org/Berlin_Burner_eV/?formular=259) for a single workshop registration for the program (see below for workshop grants).
We don‘t care if you are a super expert on your field and want to share and teach your skills, or if you just have this idea that you always wanted to try out with a group of people, let us know and we help you make it happen for you and everyone else.

Workshop General Info:
Deadline for application: 14th of May 2023.
There is lots of space and spaces available to do workshops in, if you need more specific infos please let us know.
There is electricity available in certain spots, please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.
Art Bär is a Leave No Trace event, and all evidence of your time there must be gone when you leave.