Workshops are an integral part of ART BEAR. It would be great if YOU could also lead a workshop – playful, creative, informative, or whatever you like! If you want to conduct a workshop yourself and need consumables, you can also apply for funding from us.

Quick info about workshops

Information for workshop leaders

Your workshop
We don’t care if you’re the super expert in a specific area and want to share your expertise or if you just have a crazy idea you’ve always wanted to try out with a group.
Workshop registration form (without funding)

Our site in Auerstedt offers a variety of possibilities and areas with trees, outdoor spaces, and even a unique, beautiful willow palace to have a fantastic time, meet new and old friends, and frolic around. We look forward to your contribution, making our time on-site even more unforgettable.

We will print a workshop program in advance, which will be visibly posted for all participants. The official registration deadline for the program is on ??? at ?? o’clock. If you have ideas after that and spontaneously bring a workshop, you can still hold it – it just won’t appear on the official program.

If you desire a specific area, note it in your application. Electricity access is only available in some areas. We will coordinate to see if your requirements match the location. We may enter into dialogue here.

Leave no trace
ART BEAR is a Leave No Trace event! Therefore, as a workshop leader, after your workshop, the place must return to an “unused” state. This applies especially to materials (craft leftovers, glitter…). All workshop participants will be happy to help you clean up – you just have to ask them.

We look forward to your ideas!

Workshop with funding:
Registration via: Workshop Registration with Funding

We have a small budget for workshop funding. However, we cannot guarantee covering all costs.
If there is still a budget available, we will open a second, final round.

Important! Please always keep ALL receipts and invoices (no reimbursement without receipts or invoices!), after the event, we will reimburse as many costs as possible. This means: We can only reimburse you after the event (it may always be worth asking other participants via our Discord if they can help with materials or equipment).

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us here: