Art has always been an integral part of all Burn-Events. Strictly speaking since Larry Harvey burned the first wooden effigy in 1986 on Baker Beach in San Francisco.

ART BAER is a magical event that is all about celebrating art, community, play and other shenanigans.

This summer event organized by the Berlin Burner e. V. invites you to have new experiences, present your art, find other people for larger art projects, find inspiration and – of course – have a LOT of fun!

  • from July 21st until 24th 2022
  • in Zeitz (south of Leipzig, easily reached by train from Berlin)
  • set in a former monestary with lots of room for all kinds of art, including performances
  • about 200 creators (YOU are one of them!)
  • based on the 10+1 principles of Burning Man
  • eventlink on Facebook to network with other creators
  • detailed information about the event in our survival guide
  • registration for our old school newsletter
  • presentation of the Berlin Burner e. V. about the event concept (German)
  • options for co-creating

information about the event

all about tickets

survival guide: important event information

the bear only dances on events with these principles

Show your talents on our stage!

Co-creation: EVERYTHING at a glance!