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ART BAER is an event that is co-created with all participants (“event members”). In case you are wondering what you’ll get, there is an easy answer: Everything that YOU (and everybody else) brings along!

The organizers of the event provide the basic infrastructure. Your event membership payment helps to pay for those expenses. We also provide grants for artwork and workshops. The event is non-commercial (both in the sense that the event itself does not generate profit for anyone as well as in the sense that there are no options for spending or earning money at the event).

Therefore, we do not see the event-membership as an entry fee, but rather as everybody’s contribution for a temporary, small village which we will create together with all participants. We see this as the only option to craft a playground that provides full freedom for everybody to unfold.

What are event-membership costs?

Address and date of the event:

  • 20th of June 2024 until 23th of June 2024
  • arrival on the 20th of June from 12:00 pm (noon) until 10:00 pm (please clear exceptions upfront!)
  • arrival on the 21th of June from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm
  • arrival on the 22th of June from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm
  • cleanup on site on the 23th of June from 12:00 pm (noon), departure until the evening
  • location: Auerworld-Palast in Auerstedt bei Bad Sulza
  • travel information:

What will you get?

  • a space to camp
  • a parking space for your car
  • access to basic infrastructure and sanitary facilities
  • the possibility to get funding for your art (art grant)
  • the possibility to get funding for workshop materials
  • Loads of art (and fun)!

What is expected of you?

  • Please choose at least two shifts in the shift plan.
  • You will meet wonderful people during your shifts, learn new skills and have definitely great conversations!
  • In case you have not chosen two shifts upfront, you will be allocated two shifts upon arrival.
  • We would be delighted, if you would additionally bring your own workshop and/or art piece, perform on our open stage or help us organize the event! You can meet other participants through Facebook or Discord before the event to create large-scale contributions.

ART BAER is based on the 10+1 Principles of Burning Man. We ask you to read these principles before buying an event membership.

The event is exclusively planned, organized, and executed by volunteers. All organizers, helpers, artists, instructors and DJs pay the same membership price. There is no financial gain for any organizer, helper, artist, instructor or DJ. ART BAER is created together with all participants of the event, allowing YOU to make ART BEAR your very own by joining the organizers or even asking on a leading role. Networking to find open positions happens via Discord.