You want to perform live? Our stage is already waiting for you! We offer you various possibilities: Either as a separate program item in the event plan or as part of our cabaret. You can also find information about music and fire art here.

Quick information about the cabaret

  • Contact & registration through Discord
  • Coordination before performance: to be announced
  • cabaret performance date: to be announced
  • Please communicate any necessary infrastructure or support in advance.
  • You may also be able to perform spontaneously, please be sure to come to the coordination meeting!
  • Please leave the performance area clean (leave no trace).

Other performance opportunities for performing arts

There is also the possibility that you offer your performance or action art as a completely independent program item (for example theater / puppet theater). To do this, you can simply register your performance like a workshop using this form.

DJanes & DJs

Natürlich gehört auch das gemeinsame Feiern fest zum ART BAERen dazu! Deshalb freuen wir uns besonders über DJanes und DJs, die uns mit ihrer Musik die Abende versüßen. Wenn Du auf dem ART BAERen auflegen willst, kannst Du Dich ebenfalls einfach über dasOf course, partying together is an integral part of ART BAER! That’s why we are especially happy about DJanes and DJs who sweeten our evenings with their music. If you want to play at ART BAER, you can also register via the workshop form.

Please note:

  • The venue is inhabited by a community for whom our time during ART BAER is simply a normal working week. Furthermore, the venue is not far away from Zeitz. We therefore must adhere to the specifications on site as well as the legal requirements, both in terms of time and volume. These will be communicated with all DJanes/DJs in advance.
  • In order to share resources (sound equipment etc.), you can connect with others via Facebook and/or Discord.
  • We do not coordinate GEMA payments or other fees for the performance of music and/or films. If you are performing royalty material, you are responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid. You can also coordinate this with others.

Flow and fire art

On Saturday, July, 23rd 2022 the traditional fire with the symbolic burning of a figure (effigy) will take place. Fire and flow artists (poi, fans, dragonstaff, fire hoop etc.) are cordially invited to actively participate in the program. Simply bring what you need for your show to ART BEAR and coordinate with other performers before the ceremony.